Nothing To Fear From Online Credit Check

  • February 7, 2020

Put on a little music and try to relax. A Beethoven symphony for moving inspiration while you put together your resume. Or something from the eighties to motivate you to just get the job done already. Probably even before your folks’ time, a great man once said – the only thing to fear is fear itself. So, there you have it, nothing to fear from the required credit check for employment purposes.

Previously, it would have been perfectly understandable. Who wouldn’t fear the dreaded credit check? Even if your proverbial books have been clean for a number of years, it’s still possible that the credit check could still dig up an old black mark long since forgotten about. It is a matter of law that reported misdemeanors need to sit in the system for a fixed period of time. What happens after that period expires is still anyone’s guess.

Much to the disadvantage of the job seeker, as well as the small business owner who still needs to find new staff with good records, there are likely still a number of loop holes in the so-called ‘system’. But that’s the advantage of having the outsourced credit check mechanism. Because it should still be possible to rectify errors. And if you are still on the wrong side of a bad credit record, see this rather as an opportunity rather than a case of losing out.

credit check for employment

You might not get this job but next time, quite possibly. Because by that time, hopefully you have managed to clear the last remaining black mark on your credit report. You learn your lessons and you move on. All things being equal and fair, you have to acknowledge that it’s good to have such a system. Because what if you’re canvassing for new recruits?